If you look at the reviews of law firs in your country, you will find that all of them are - without exception - fast, accurate, friendl, inexpensive and client-oriented. We don't want to stand out from the crowd by saying otherwise.

So what makes us different?

Perhaps it is because we believe that being a lawyer is not a magical cultivation of a special discipline but a service like any other. It is a service that a law person or organisation facing a legal problem must be the cause of the situation in which they find themselves and who has a legitimate and natural expectationof seeing, understanding and following up all the work that they ask for and receive for their money.

We are not magicians, nor can we always do miracles. But that is what we aim to do every day and that is the spirit in which we carry out the task entrusted to us. Because every case is our case from the moment we receive the assignment from our partner. There is no other way. If we forget that behind the problem is a life situation that could fundamentally determine our client's fate, we could be simple robots or computers. Instead, we want to be helpers, advisers or even comrades in arms.

Történetünk évtizedes múltra tekint vissza és csapatunk tagjai már az alakulást megelőző 15 évben is a magyar jogrendszer dzsungelében nevelkedtek. Volt időnk a tapasztalatszerzésre.”

We look forward to welcoming you!